Communication – Relationships – Performance

Cindy assists senior managers to become more successful. She creates more productive teams and develops management staff. Building on their existing skills, she partners with her clients to improve communication, relationships, and performance, which creates a more engaged, cohesive and effective workforce. Cindy also helps CEOs, VPs, Directors and Managers advance their careers through individual career coaching.  Learn more about Cindy.

It is not possible for us to see ourselves as other people see us or to really know our impact on others. Coaching with an experienced advisor helps you see your blind spots and gain a highly valuable outside perspective on your actions, attitudes and behaviors so you can become more successful and achieve your professional goals. Work is complicated. Navigating the politics, relationships, and land mines while doing your best technical and operational work is not easy. Cindy works with leaders as a trusted, unbiased partner with no agenda except to help them be their best.

In highly interactive, informative and fun programs, groups learn through the exchange of information and sharing of real-life business situations. Constantly engaged, and fueled with a desire to apply their training, participants take strides in their knowledge of leadership and critical business skills. They become more efficient, effective and successful in their careers and immediately contribute at a higher level to the company’s goals.

Also Sexual Harassment Prevention – for managers and staff.

What does it take for a team to thrive? Why do some teams act as a cohesive unit, producing high quality work and have fun doing it, while others slog along, dreading yet another unproductive meeting, break into factions, can’t seem to agree on anything, and get work done only after unpleasant and stressful interactions? Guiding teams through an engaging team facilitation, informed by data from major studies and today’s best literature on the subject I help groups become more united, aligned and effective.

Working in the wrong job can suck your energy, deplete your productivity, destroy your attitude and health, and it’s just no fun at all. Working in the right job with the right people increases your energy, productivity, attitude, creativity and personal wealth. Trying to change your situation alone can be difficult, isolating and take a toll on you financially and emotionally. Working with Cindy, you’ll get effective career strategies, a thought partner, and a supportive, well-connected professional who has your best interests top of mind and will help you open the door to a great new job.

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