The most common obstacles to team productivity are issues around communication and relationships. 

 Even with superior technical abilities, group members who can’t interact effectively, question each other’s intentions, or don’t trust each other, will never rise to the performance level needed to succeed in today’s competitive business environment. Business objectives are more easily met when individuals are connected and aligned and operational processes are improved.

Cindy created her Team Facilitation process using data gathered from:

  • observations and experience from years working in teams
  • large studies conducted by Google and Deloitte
  • Patrick Lencioni’s The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team, and
  • Stephen Covey’s The Speed of Trust 
A module is also available to help the group understand each other’s work styles, employing DiSC, the most widely used corporate behavioral assessment. Team experiences are customized to meet each unique group’s needs and to achieve the results determined at the beginning of the engagement.

Cindy has run numerous team facilitations.  Examples of her results:

  • more effective communication methods discussed and designed
  • reduced friction between members from giving and receiving feedback
  • executive leadership skills enhanced
  • higher efficiency of senior managers by learning to delegate more
  • better customer service & experience by improving processes that have broken down between departments

Multiple turn-key initiatives developed and implemented to:

  • reduce timing of the organization’s recruiting process
  • attract a larger number of more qualified candidates
  • offset the difficulty in attracting candidates due to low wages
  • new employees become more productive quicker through better on-boarding processes
  • reduce turnover by understanding and responding to what engage staff
  • establish metrics to understand & report the results of initiatives
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